Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Wow. I totally have stop updating my blog for sooooooo long! The last entry was like, what, last year? Oh yes. I was busy! To make it looks extreme, yes i was super super super super savers eh super duper duper duper duperrrrrr busy!! I was busy with my commitment as a student, a daughter and a girl-partner to Mr. T (well, I have to name me as girl-partner as he also has his boy-partnerssss!) Mueyhehehe :p Well guess what. I am now in a process of dieting - to lose 10kilos of weight! This is my mission for this semester (instead of achieving good results of course). Fruits and cereals are my best friend for the time being. Please be impressed with me. Mehehehe! Oh, another thing is that, I am changing my daily routine from having evening sleep, lepak-ing at restaurant into something healthier, which is having morning/evening run and gym-ing session! Oh pleaseeeeee be impressed with me! Muahahaha. Should I write more on this or you people will start to be annoyed with me? Heh heh heh.

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